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In Honor to Will’s Aunt Pat

29th May 2011  HONOR TO AUNT PAT

           I’m feeling a bit all over the place right now lots and lots of stuff to write about but my hand is no match for my brain (smile) it just can’t keep up

Well I got a visit last night wooo hoooo!!!!  Yes, Aunt Pat and Uncle David! It was a surprise visit too, Uncle David got me lots of goodies.  My Aunt Pat bless her heart, it is so hard on her to come up here as she is very sick and she’s taking medication to help her, yet it’s hurting her also as it makes her immune system weak. What breaks my heart the most is she’s scared, sure she’s scared of the unknown like we all are. But she is scared of breaking her promise to me!

She promised me years ago that she would always be there for me and don’t you know she has. Just like now she’s there for me, even when her body does not allow it. That is what means the world to me she’s not breaking a promise to me and I love her 100x more because she is such an awesome woman!  You know she has taught me so much over the years about strength and what real courage is, she taught me about true loyalty, of sticking through to the end.  Today when the times get hard, people just bail and leave you holding the bag, but that’s not what she taught me. And love my family couldn’t do it right for each other. Both Mom and Dad remarried a few times, yet through all the ummm (bad) times she was there and through all the good times she was there and even through all the inbetween times guess what she was there. She’s been my friend, my Mom for so long… I just want to honor her and say I LOVE YOU AUNT PAT,  with all my heart. You are my Rock and you always will be.